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Abdominal Pelvic Imaging 2021 by Ammar Haouimi PDF free download

Abdominal Pelvic Imaging free pdf with 200 cases of radiology you can download it free on this page. The topics covered in the book represent common and important diseases of the abdomen and pelvic imaging. The material presented for each case provides a complete and comprehensive description of the entity of the disease, enabling the radiologist or clinician to develop a clear idea of ​​the entity through various imaging methods. What is interesting about this book is the case per page. The book Abdominal Pelvic Imaging can be used as a test of knowledge by quickly reviewing a large number of cases in a short period of time or by masking radiological detail and diagnosis and using clinical data and radiological images to first describe the pathology. Can be tried to Suggest a diagnosis



Abdominal Pelvic Imaging pdf free contains 200 CASES (COMMON DISEASES): US, CT AND MR






Book Name Abdominal Pelvic Imaging
Author of Book Ammar Haouimi & RabahBouguelaa
Published 2021
Language English
Format PDF
Price PDF free 



Recent growth in the field of diagnostic radiology has dramatically increased the complexity of this field. Diagnostic imaging has become widely available and plays an increasing role in clinical diagnosis and therapy. However, in most practices, miscommunication between radiologists and other physicians occurs frequently mainly because physicians often are not completely familiar with the role of radiology inpatient care. Maybe we have an obsession for cases, but when we were residents in radiology, we loved to learn especially from cases, not only because they are short, exciting, and fun similar to a detective story in which the aim is to get to “the bottom” of the case, but also because, in the end, that’s what radiologists are faced with during their daily work. The topics covered in the book represent the common and important diseases encountered in abdominal and pelvic imaging. The material presented for each case provides a thorough and comprehensive description of the disease entity enabling the radiologist or the clinician to develop a clear concept of the entity through the different imaging modalities that are present. We hope that will be useful for residents in radiology, radiologists and physicians. What is interesting in this book is one case per page. The book can be used as a means of rapid revision of a large number of cases in a short time or as a test of knowledge by masking the radiological description and diagnosis and trying by using the clinical data and radiological images to describe first, the pathology then proposes a diagnosis.


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Topics of this Edition:

Abdominal-Pelvic Imaging talk about 200 cases related to radiology, Abdominal and Pelvic




Reading the latest book of Dr Ammar Haouimi arouses in me two feelings, an immeasurable pride and frustration. Pride, because my friend Ammar is a regular in the exploits he has obviously taken taste. He has published several landmark works, generously compiling the fruits of his great and long experience as a radiologist consultant (France) and the head of the radiology department in different hospitals (Madinah, KSA). The latest book he has just made available to the medical community
shows if it was necessary that he has lost none of his wit and that a liberal activity can be as prolific when it is driven by the concern to satisfy his patient while continuing to progress by enriching himself intellectually. This book is an offering for all imagers and clinicians. He reviews, in a didactic style, the most frequent situations with the rarest diseases. The exceptional quality of the iconography even suggests that if imaging is an art, it is nonetheless accessible to clinicians.

I also feel frustrated reading this book because I realize, again, that many skills are underestimated or even ignored at home. Dr Haouimi has the calibre of a great pedagogue and the expertise of an excellent imager to whom everyone would like to confide. The absence of bridges between the different modes of practice of medicine unfortunately deprives the learner of graduation or post-graduation of this knowledge. My frustration borders anger when we know that it publishes in English and that its place should be in the amphitheatre and conference rooms.

Dr Ammar Haouimi has always been available, affable, of great morality, endowed with a keen sense of analysis and synthesis naturally coupled with a great ability of listening and patience. This has not been without giving him perfect or even eclectic knowledge of his professional environment and a great capacity for expertise. My friend, Dr Ammar Haouimi, is a school, a real school because he knows how to take and absorb the best of each to give it to all. I had the pleasure and the chance to read his many books and the happiness of being part of his friends.




A 61-year-old man known as diabetic type 2 presented with a 1-year history of paroxysmal attacks of palpitation, dizziness and headache. The physical examination was normal except the blood pressure which was high during the paroxysmal attack (systolic BP varies from 150 to 230 mmHg and diastolic BP varies from 110 to 140 mmHg). The routine laboratory investigations were within normal limits except the glycaemia at 200 mg/Dl. The serum catecholamine level was not done.

Enhanced abdominal CT scan, post-contrast arterial phase axial (A, B) / coronal and sagittal reconstruction (C, D, E) and post-contrast portal phase axial (F) images reveal a well-defined lobulated right suprarenal mass with intense and heterogeneous enhancement and prominent surrounding vessels on arterial phase and rapid washout on portal phase. Note the IVC is displaced anteriorly and the upper pole of the kidney posteriorly. The left adrenal gland appears normal in size and shape (arrow image A).

Diagnosis: Adrenal Pheochromocytoma


Abdominal Pelvic Imaging by Ammar Haouimi PDF free download


Abdominal Pelvic Imaging by Ammar Haouimi & RabahBouguelaa free download pdf file here

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