Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS (ORL-HNS) examination (MasterPass) PDF Free Download

Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS (ORL-HNS) examination (MasterPass) PDF Free Download

This Book Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS is written by Adnan Darr, Karan Jolly, Jameel Muzaffar. This clear and concise text covers all assessable aspects of the ENT curriculum for the FRCS. Although the technique and presentation of knowledge will no doubt be achieved through live practice, the comprehensive content ensures that all candidates have the relevant knowledge to not only succeed but also to excel in their oral exam. Covering both the theoretical and clinical aspects of the exam, as well as other equally critical aspects, including communication skills, the clinical exam, and miscellaneous sections, this manual is a high-performance review aid for all early-stage surgeons-in-training. of their otorhinolaryngology careers. and at the same time acts as a source of emergency information for those who cross the specialty. Ear, Nose, and Throat Surgery residents and residents will find the scope of this guide highly relevant to earning FRCS accreditation or equivalent.

According to Author: A major challenge for any exam candidate is finding texts presented at exam level with concise summaries and key points. We hope you will find this text useful as a study aid for longer periods and also during breaks between drama cases or in some of the other downtime slots that we can all make better use of. A key aspect of success, especially in Part II of the exam, is being able to present your knowledge in a structured and coherent way. Each topic follows the same format for easy recall and to ensure you master the key aspects of each presentation. Topics have been written by early-stage consultants, post-CCT fellows, or exceptional registrars near the end of training.


Book Name Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS
Author of Book Adnan Darr, Karan Jolly, Jameel Muzaffar
Edition N/A
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical Books


Topics of this Edition

1. Head and Neck
2. Paediatrics
3. Otology
4. Rhinology and Facial Plastics
5. Examination Stations
6. Communication Stations



The Intercollegiate Fellowship in Otorhinolaryngology (FRCS [ORL-HNS]) is a key milestone in the training of ear, nose, and throat surgeons in the UK and beyond. It represents the biggest hurdle to overcome in the later stages of training and exam success often marks a change in confidence for successful candidates, with many reporting feeling a change in their interactions with consultant trainers, as well as enjoying informal approaches with regard to prospective consultants. jobs. All of this is of limited comfort to those embarking on the road to exam success. The authors acknowledge the pressure that comes with the peri-examination period. We all vividly remember the feelings of not having enough time to master the insurmountable volume of content, the nagging feeling that you should be working during any studio downtime, and the resentment of time spent away from friends and family as you prepare for the exam.



Advanced ENT training: A guide to passing the FRCS (ORL-HNS) examination (MasterPass) PDF Free Download



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