Blood Chemistry Analyzer and Its Usage

Blood Chemistry Analyzer and Its Usage – Medical Instrument

Blood Chemistry Analyzer and Its Usage

A blood chemistry analyzer is used to determine the components in the blood. Blood analyzers are used by hospitals, medical labs, forensic labs and in-home patients. A blood chemistry analyzer can be used to test for many things, such as blood cell counts, therapeutic drug monitoring, drug abuse, blood typing, protein analysis, thyroid function testing. To check for the presence of antibodies and to monitor glucose or cholesterol when patients use it at home.



Types of Blood Chemistry Analyzer 

Blood analyzers use a variety of tests, including cell counters to count blood, immunoassays to detect antibodies, voltage differential ions, and enzyme tests. In which physiological changes reveal enzyme activity. 


Blood Chemistry Analyzer


While Purchasing a blood chemistry analyzer

Blood chemistry analysts may be able to perform only one type of test or many, so keep in mind the tests you want to perform when choosing a blood analyzer. Other features that may vary between blood chemistry analysts and that may be important to your laboratory’s laboratory are multiple samples run at the same time. Hourly test; Sample size required; How much data storage is there if there is handwriting to stop existing tests to run an emergency sample. And if the blood analyzer is a benchtop, portable, or handheld.


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