Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations-Elsevier

Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations-Elsevier (12th ed) Free PDF Download

This Book Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations-Elsevier is written by Ann Tritak-Elmiger EdD RN and Margaret Daingerfield EdD RN CNE. Drug Calculations: Ratio and Proportion Problems for Clinical Practice was originally designed in the late 1970s as a basic practical resource for nursing students and educators in classrooms and clinical settings. Additional content has been added over the years to keep up with the ever-increasing roles and responsibilities of the nurse and to be useful for refresher courses, nurses practicing in specialty areas, distance nursing students, and nursing students. of nursing who must master the material independently.

According to Author: Calculations of ratios and proportions are introduced in the second chapter after a math review so that the student has the method reinforced throughout the rest of the text for maximum proficiency. As in previous editions, the text presents a calculation method (ratio and proportion) to maximize teaching and learning time for reinforcement, practice, and mastery within the short time the student has to devote to this critical topic. . The Fraction Cross Product Multiplication settings of Ratio and Proportion calculations and the Colon settings display examples of means and extremes that are color-coded to ensure correct factor placement. The chapter objectives are logically organized and reflect the progression of the chapter content. The material is sequential with logical steps and extensive practice problems to facilitate mastery of concepts.



Book Name Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations-Elsevier
Author of Book Ann Tritak-Elmiger EdD RN, Margaret Daingerfield EdD RN CNE
Edition 12th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical


Key features

  • Over 1,100 ratio and proportion problems provide the extensive practice you need to master this drug calculation method.
  • The step-by-step format for each problem includes a unique “test” step in the answer key to make sure you understand the solution.
  • End-of-chapter practice tools include overview worksheets, multiple-choice worksheets, critical thinking exercises, chapter endings, and a chapter answer key.
  • The Safely Managing Medications chapter helps you prevent medication errors and understand medication labels, medication administration forms, and provider order forms.


Topics of this Edition

1 General Mathematics
2 Ratio and Proportion
3 Safe Medication Administration
4 Medication Measurements and Oral Dose Calculations
5 Injectable Medication Calculations
6 Reconstitution of Medications From Powders and Crystals: Oral and Intramuscular
7 Basic Intravenous Therapy Calculations
8 Advanced Intravenous Calculations
9 Insulin Administration and Type 2 Diabetes Medications
10 Parenteral Nutrition
11 Anticoagulants
12 Pediatric Dosages



Addition of Next Generation National Council (NGN) licensing exam questions designed to test critical thinking, clinical judgment, and decision making. Questions are based on the National Council of State Boards of Nursing’s (NCSBN) Clinical Judgment Measurement Model cognitive skills aligned with identified student learning outcomes. Each question is associated with the specific content of the Drug Calculations: Ratio and Proportion Problems for Clinical Practice chapter and connects selected learning outcomes, NGN item type, and cognitive skills with practice-based case studies. . Answer keys provide justification based on student responses.



Brown and Mulholland’s Drug Calculations-Elsevier



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