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Current Essentials: Orthopedics is a new volume in the Lange Current series format. This book is strictly intended to provide only the essential points that clinicians need for the diagnosis and initiation of treatment of musculoskeletal disorders. For the non-orthopedist as well as the highly specialized orthopedic surgeon, Current Essentials Orthopedics PDF FREE  is a particularly helpful guide to the proper care of patients with the many musculoskeletal problems commonly seen in the on-call setting. This book not only enables the reader to quickly obtain the information necessary for a diagnosis but also makes the physician aware of the various aspects of treatment that can compromise the end result.



Book NameCurrent Essentials Orthopedics Current Essentials Orthopedics
Author of Book  Michael Fitzpatrick Harry Skinner
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Orthopedic

This book will be helpful to orthopedic residents, as well as residents of other specialties, such as family medicine, internal medicine, emergency medicine, and general surgery, during their residencies or during “moonlighting.” We believe the Pearls and referrals will be helpful to medical students during their orthopedic rotation or their GP clinics. Lastly, we believe that the book will be useful to the practicing physician in several of the above specialties, especially since we have included ICD-9-CM codes for coding and billing.

Topics of this Edition:

Here are the topics of Current Essentials Orthopedics 

1. Traumatic Injuries
2. Sports Injuries
3. Spinal Problems
4. Neoplasms
5. Adult Joint Problems & Reconstruction
6. Infections
7. Foot Problems
8. Hand Problems
9. Pediatric Problems
10. Rehabilitation


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