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In this medical blog post, You will be able to download free Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes 4th Edition with direct link. Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes Top 180 Vignettes for the Surgical Wards is very popular series among students as well as professors. These Medical notes covered surgery review and practice questions that will help you to understand the concepts of surgery. We always try to provide direct link of downloading for your valuable users.



Book Name Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes 
Author of Book Dr. Carlos Pestana
Edition Fourth
Language English
Format PDF
Category Surgery Books


Key features of Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes 4th Edition

  • Concise, meaningful review of nuclear surgery material
  • 180 current vignettes for self-testing
  • 15 short essays on selected diagnostic and therapeutic instruments from a surgical perspective
  • NEW Essay Topics: Intravenous Fluid Therapy, Surgical Infections, and Fluid Requirements in Children
  • NEW illustrated chapter on Bariatric Surgery
  • NEW Introduction with guidance on how to address regional differences in medical practice on National Board issues


Topics of book

These are the topics of Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes 4th Edition PDF free

Dr. Pestana’s Surgery Notes 2018
Section I: Surgery Review
Chapter 1: Trauma
Chapter 2: Orthopedics
Chapter 3: Pre-Op and Post-Op Care
Chapter 4: General Surgery
Chapter 5: Pediatric Surgery
Chapter 6: Cardiothoracic Surgery
Chapter 7: Vascular Surgery
Chapter 8: Skin Surgery
Chapter 9: Ophthalmology
Chapter 10: Otolaryngology (ENT)
Chapter 11: Neurosurgery
Chapter 12: Urology
Chapter 13: Bariatric Surgery
Chapter 14: Organ Transplantation
Section II: Practice Questions
Answers and Links


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Diseases in children (DISORDERS OF THE HIP)

DISEASES Developmental disorders of the hip run in families and should ideally be diagnosed at birth. Children have uneven gluteal creases, and physical examination of the hips shows that they can be easily dislocated backwards with a tug and “click” and normalized with a “snap.” If the signs are inconclusive, the sonogram is diagnostic (do not order radiographs; the hip is not calcified in the newborn). The treatment consists of an abduction splint with a Pavlik belt for about 6 months. Hip pathology in children can present with hip pain or with knee pain. Legg-Calvé-Perthes disease (avascular necrosis of the main femoral epiphysis) occurs around the age of 6 years, with the gradual development of limping, decreased hip movement, and hip (or knee) pain. Children walk with an antalgic gait and passive hip movement is protected. Diagnosis is by AP and lateral x-rays of the hip. Treatment is controversial and usually involves keeping the femoral head within the acetabulum with a cast and crutches. Femoral capital epiphysis is an orthopedic emergency. The typical patient is a chubby (or lanky) boy around the age of 13.

They complain of groin (or knee) pain and have a limp. When they sit with their legs hanging down, the sole of the foot on the affected side faces the other foot. On physical examination, hip movement is restricted, and when the hip is flexed, the thigh externally rotates and cannot internally rotate. X-rays are diagnostic, and surgical treatment fixes the femoral head back in place. Septic hip is another orthopedic emergency. It is seen in young toddlers who have had a febrile illness and then refuse to move their hip. They hold the leg with the hip flexed, in slight abduction and external rotation, and don’t let anyone try to move it passively. They have an increased sedimentation rate. Diagnosis is by hip aspiration under general anesthesia, and further open drainage is done if pus is obtained.


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