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Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management 11th Edition, PDF Free Download

This edition of the 11th edition of Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management provides the latest information on a variety of healthcare topics. And you can download the free Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management 11th Edition in PDF Format absolutely free for educational purposes. Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management, Eleventh Edition is written by Rose T. Dunn. 

Healthcare organizations strive to keep pace with breakthroughs in medical science and technology, transparency of service outcomes, an informed customer base, global health threats and government regulations. As these elements evolve, organizations are challenged to hire well-trained, dynamic healthcare managers to take the lead in a time of constant change. Dunn & Haimann’s health management provides a comprehensive overview of health management organized around five main functions: planning, organizing, staffing, influencing and controlling. The book connects these primary functions through clear explanations of management theories, tools and other basic information.



Book Name Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management
Author of Book Rose T. Dunn
Edition Eleventh Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Health Care

The challenges facing the healthcare industry today require finely tuned managerial skills. Healthcare managers must keep pace with revolutionary and challenging breakthroughs in medical science and technology, transparency of service outcomes and fees, an educated customer base, an aging population, global health threats, and exponentially growing government regulations. At the heart of all these changes is the supervisor, who must bring together and maintain the human and physical resources, technical expertise, technology and other support systems needed to provide efficient, effective and economic care.

Therefore, healthcare managers and supervisors need to understand organizational complexity, generational differences in motivation, regional and national healthcare needs, and the industry as a whole. The healthcare organization of the 21st century is very different from the one in which Theo Haimann first coached new supervisors in the early 1970s. However, his conviction still holds true today – the toughest job in any organization is clearly that of the manager.

The supervisor is responsible for motivating the team to achieve the organizational goals set by the board and senior management. The supervisor must be able to translate the goals into understandable and achievable terms for the team members and gain their support; without the buy-in, the organization could fail. Many first- and middle-level team leader positions—such as department heads, supervisors, and group leaders—are filled by individuals with excellent technical skills who have had limited or no formal education or training in administration, management, and supervision. This book is intended for these people.

Key features of Healthcare Management 11th

The book is introductory in that it assumes no prior knowledge of the concepts of supervision and management. As such, this book is also written for students taking an introductory management course and will familiarize them with their future roles in organizations (healthcare or otherwise). It can be used in any course that examines management, supervisory, and leadership concepts.

  • Clear explanations of management theories, tools and other basic information.
  • Examines the role of supervisors, behavioural factors, and generational incentives
  • New features at the end of most chapters,
  • Additional reading, lesson activities, and case study recommendations reinforce the concepts presented. 


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Chapters of Healthcare Management

Dunn and Haimann’s Healthcare Management 11th Edition discussed the following chapters in this latest version

Part 1: Stepping Into Management
Chapter 1: The Supervisor’s Job, Roles, Functions, and Authority
Chapter 2: The Theories and History of Management
Part II: Connective Processes
Chapter 3: Decision Making
Chapter 4: Coordinating Organizational Activities
Chapter 5: Communicating
Chapter 6: Legal Aspects of the Healthcare Setting
Chapter 7: Emerging Influences in Healthcare
Part III: Planning
Chapter 8: Managerial Planning
Chapter 9: Tactical Considerations in Planning
Chapter 10: Planning Tools
Chapter 11: Time Management Techniques
Part IV: Organizing
Chapter 12: Fundamental Concepts of Organizing
Chapter 13: Division of Work and Departmentalization
Chapter 14: Delegation of Authority
Chapter 15: Process and Quality Improvement and the Effect on Reorganization
Chapter 16: Committees as an Organizational Tool
Chapter 17: The Informal Organization
Part V: Staffing: Human Resources Management
Chapter 18: The Staffing Process
Chapter 19: The Selection Process
Chapter 20: Performance Appraisals and Position Changes
Part VI: Influencing
Chapter 21: Giving Directives and Managing Change
Chapter 22: Motivation
Chapter 23: Morale
Chapter 24: Discipline
Chapter 25: Leadership
Part VII: Controlling
Chapter 26: Fundamentals of Control and the Controlling Function
Chapter 27: Budgeting
Part VIII: Labor Relations
Chapter 28: The Labor Union and the Supervisor
Chapter 29: Handling Grievances



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