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Essentials of Blood Banking Second Edition PDF Free by Sr Mehdi

The latest version of Essentials of Blood Banking 2nd Edition by Sr Mehdi is Modern Blood Banking and Transfusion Practices Moder and A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Clinical Residents. The book begins with a discussion of immunodeficiency haematology and different blood group systems. The following sections examine transfers, screening, donors, and storage. The second edition includes a new chapter in the practice of maternal transfer, as well as fully updated guidelines on neonatal and child transfer.

Transfusion medicine is one of the most important fields of medical research. Fear of the globalization of transmissible diseases and AIDS has attracted extraordinary media attention. The medico-legal aspects of blood banking act as a booster to maintain quality and ensure blood safety. The majority of blood banks in developing countries have set up their own partial laboratories.

The use of whole blood is decreasing day by day. People approach blood banks in almost all departments of the hospital, surgical or non-surgical, hospital surgery, medical or paramedical, and in the form of patient or healthy blood donors. The spread of blood banking knowledge has become a need of the hour. All readers responded well to the first edition of this book. The second edition includes advances in blood grouping and cross-matching techniques through the microtube gel method, screening of alveolar bodies and afferents.



Book Name Essentials of Blood Banking
Author of Book Sr Mehdi
Edition Second
Language English
Format PDF
Category Blood Banking


New Update:

A new chapter on maternity transfer practice has also been added. There are many blood banking textbooks and technical manuals available in the market, but they are too much for students who do not specialize in transfusion medicine and are only interested in the basic technical and clinical aspects of blood banking. Essential Blood Banking Books summarize the basics of Blood Banking, taking into account the needs of Blood Bank Esta and clinical residents. Blood bank officials can refer to the book for technique and take the resident’s handbook to the wards. Even if a patient is saved from the complications of blood transfusions by readers, the book will serve its purpose. So all these changes are updated in Essentials of Blood Banking Second Edition by Sr Mehdi PDF free download and blood banking references are also given.



Almost all the departments of the hospital, surgical or non-surgical, hospital staff, medical or paramedical, and people in the form of patients or healthy blood donors come in contact of blood banks. The dissemination of knowledge of blood banking has become the need of the hour.
I thank all my readers who had shown a very good response to the first edition of this book. Now, it is a pleasant feeling to write the preface for the second edition of the title Essentials of Blood Banking (A Handbook for Students of Blood Banking and Clinical Residents). I have tried to incorporate in this edition the advancement in blood grouping and cross-matching techniques by the microtube gel method, screening of alloantibodies and apheresis. A new chapter on Obstetrical Transfusion Practice has also been added.

Many textbooks and technical manuals of blood banking are available in the market, but they are too exhaustive for the students who are not specialising in transfusion medicine and are interested only in the basic technical and clinical aspects of blood banking. I hope this title would appeal to those students who look for a book on blood banking that is informative as well as handy.

I would like to thank my wife, daughter and son for providing me encouragement at each and every step of the writing of the book. I am also indebted to my teachers and seniors who had always been a source of inspiration for me. I wish to thank my colleagues and students of medical colleges of Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India, and King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for creating an excellent academic and professional environment.

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Topics of this Edition:

1. Immunohaematology 1
• Antigen   1
• Antibody   1
• Complement   4
• Sensitisation   4
• Agglutination 4
• Haemolysis 5

2. ABO blood group system 6
• Inheritance of Abo blood groups 6
• Antigens of Abo groups 6
• Abo antibodies 7
• ABO subgroups   7
• Bombay blood group (Oh phenotype)   8
• Antisera used in Abo grouping 9
• ABO grouping 9
• ABO gel grouping 12
• ABO subgrouping 14
• ABO discrepancies 15

3. Rh blood group system 18
• Nomenclature 18
• Types of Rh antigens 20
• The D weak or Du phenotype   20
• Rh antibodies 21
• Rh grouping reagents 21
• Testsfor Rh grouping 22
• Test for Du

4. Other blood group systems 25
• Lewis blood group system 25
• Mns blood group system 26
• P blood group system 26

• Ii blood group system 27
• Kell blood group system 27
• Kidd blood group system 28
• Duffy blood group system 28
• Lutheran blood group system 29

5. Antihuman globulin (Coombs’) test 30
• Principle of antiglobulin test 30
• Ahg (Coombs) reagents 30
• Gel card technique for Coombs’ test 32
• Clinical significance of Coombs’ test 34
• Sources of error 37

6. Detection and identification of antibodies 38
• Screening cells 38
• Identification of alloantibodies 40

7. Cross-matching (compatibility testing) 45
• Cross-matching 45
• Procedure of cross-matching for whole blood transfusion 46
• Cross-matching in emergencies 48
• Procedure for issuing blood unit 49

8. Transfusion reactions and complications 50
• Types of transfusion reactions   50
• Haemolytic transfusion reactions(HTR) 50
• Non-haemolytic transfusion reactions 53
• Transfusion-related acute lung injury (Trail) 54
• Transfusion reactions based on time factor 54

9. Screening for diseases transmitted through blood 56
• Tests for hepatitis B  56
• Test for anti-HCV antibody   58
• Screening tests for HIV1 and HIV2   58
• Test for syphilis   58
• Malaria 58

10. Blood donor and collection of blood 59
• The blood donor 59
• Selection of donor 60

Physical examination 62
• Screening of donor blood 63
• Frequency of donation   64
• Collection of blood 65
• Phlebotomy 66
• Instructions to donor after a donation of blood 67
• Complications of blood donation (donor reactions)   67

11. Storage and preservation of blood and its components 69
• Biochemical changes in the stored blood 69
• Preservative solutions 70
• Long-term storage of red cells 71

12. Haemolytic disease of the newborn 74
• Aetiopathogenesis 74
• Investigations on newborn 75
• Antenatal management of rh (d) negative mother 76

13. Autoimmune haemolytic anaemia 77
• Warm autoimmune haemolytic anaemia 77
• Cold autoimmune haemolytic anaemia
(cold agglutinin syndrome) 77

14. Blood components 80
• Preparation of Rbc concentrate 80
• Preparation of fresh frozen plasma (FFP) 81
• Preparation of platelet concentrate (PC) 82
• Cryoprecipitate 83

15. Transfusion therapy 84
• Criteria for whole blood (WB) transfusion 84
• Criteria for RBC concentrate transfusion in adults 84
• Dosage and administration   85
• Criteria for FFP transfusion 85
• Transfusion of cryoprecipitate   86
• Transfusion of platelet concentrate 86
• Transfusion of fresh blood 88
• Massive transfusion 88
• Autologous blood transfusion 88
• Single unit transfusion 90
• Apheresis/hemapheresis 90
• Hospital transfusion committee   94

16. Neonatal and pediatric transfusion 95
• Blood grouping of newborns or cord blood 95
• Cross-matching in neonates 96
• Componentstransfusion in neonates 97
• Exchange blood transfusion 99
• Intrauterine transfusion 100

17. Obstetrical transfusion practice 101
• Criteria for obstetric transfusion 101


ABO blood group system:

Blood is based on the inherited characteristics of red blood cells (erythrocytes) as determined by the presence or absence of antigens A and B, which are present on the surface of red blood cells. This way people can type A, type B, type O, or AB blood. Blood groups A, B, and O were first identified in 1901 by the Austrian immunologist Carl Land Steiner. See blood group.


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Blood, which contains red blood cells with type A antigen on its surface, has antibodies against (liquid) red blood cells. If, in transfusion, type B blood is injected into people with type A blood, the red cells in the injected blood will be destroyed by the antibodies in the recipient’s blood. Similarly, type A red cells will be destroyed in the blood by type A antibodies. Type A blood can be injected into people with type A, B, or O blood unless there is a mismatch with the other blood group systems. People with type AB blood can get type A, B, or O blood.


The ABO and Rh groups in transfusion


Antigens of ABO groups

A and B genes do not produce antigens directly but produce enzymes called glycosyltransferases which add specific sugars to oligosaccharide chains and are converted to H substance by the action of H gene. The expression of A and B genes is dependent on H gene. The H gene is converted to H substance. Subsequently, the H substance is acted upon by specific transferases and is converted to either A or B antigen. Some H substance remains unconverted and is expressed as H antigen. There is no conversion of H substance to either antigen A or B in O blood group. Hence, the maximum amount of H antigen is found on O red cells.

The H antigen is present on the red cells in the following diminishing quantity. O > A2 > B > A2B > A1 > A1B The ABO antigens are found on all the cells of the body tissues. The ABO compatibility is a prerequisite in cases of organ transplants.

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About Author:

SR Mehdi MD
Professor of Hematology, Department of Pathology, Era’s Lucknow Medical College, Uttar Pradesh, India


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