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In this medical blog post today we are sharing the free medical book name Forensic Science 4th Edition PDF Free by Kathy Mirakovits and Jay A. Siegel. Forensic science is the study of human and non-human forensic evidence, including evidence collected from physical, chemical and biological samples. Forensic scientists collect and analyze evidence to determine the identity of a person or object. You can download free Forensic Science the basics 4th Edition in this post.

Forensic science is a very important field of study. It is not just about the identification of criminals, but also about the detection and prevention of crimes.

What is Forensic Science

The use of forensic sciences in the legal system has become more and more popular over time. Law enforcement agencies have to deal with different types of crimes, e.g., murder, rape, etc., and they need to identify these cases quickly. The most common way to identify these cases is through forensic science such as DNA testing or fingerprinting. These techniques are not only used in criminal investigations but also in civil litigation as well as in law enforcement operations such as border control or customs checks by law enforcement agents.

Forensic science has been crucial for court proceedings since its inception and it continues to be so today. However, there are some areas where


Book Name Forensic Science the basics
Author Kathy Mirakovits and Jay A. Siegel
Edition Fourth
Language English
Format PDF
Category Forensic Science

Forensic Science the basics 4th Edition is a free PDF book for medical professionals and forensic scientists. It was published and is written by experts in the field of forensic science like Kathy Mirakovits and Jay A. Siegel. The book contains information on a wide range of topics from forensic science, crime scene investigation, autopsy and coroner procedures to legal issues such as DNA testing and blood evidence.

Key features of Forensic Science the basics 4th Ed

Forensic Science: The Basics, Fourth Edition has been fully updated and builds on the popularity of previous editions. The book provides a basic background in forensics, criminal investigations and court testimony. It describes how various forms of evidence are collected, secured and scientifically analyzed and then presented in court based on the forensic expert’s analysis.

The book explores knowledge of the natural and physical sciences, including biology and chemistry, while introducing readers to the application of science to the justice system. New topics added to this issue include coverage of the formation and work of the NIST organization of area scientific committees (OSACs), new sections on forensic palynology (pollen), forensic taphonomy, the opioid crisis, forensic genetics and genealogy, updates COVID-19 scam schemes perpetrated by cybercriminals and a whole new chapter in forensic psychology.

Each chapter contains a set of learning objectives, a mini glossary and acronyms. While chapter topics and reporting flow logically, each chapter can stand on its own, allowing for continuous or selective reading and learning in the classroom.

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Topics of 4th Edition of Forensic Science 

Part I: Forensic Science and Investigation
Chapter 1: Introduction to Forensic Science
Chapter 2: Crime Scene Investigation
Chapter 3: Nature of Evidence

Part II: Tools of the Trade
Chapter 4: Separating Complex Mixtures
Chapter 5: Light and Matter
Chapter 6: Microscopy
Chapter 7: Detector Dogs as Forensic Tools
Chapter 8: Digital Evidence, Computer Forensics and InvestigationChapter 9: Forensic Engineering

Part III: Patterns and Impressions
Chapter 10: Fingerprints and Other Impressions
Chapter 11: Questioned Documents
Chapter 12: Firearms and Toolmarks

Part IV: Forensic Biology
Chapter 13: Forensic Pathology
Chapter 14: Anthropology and Odontology
Chapter 15: Forensic Palynology and Entomology
Chapter 16: Serology
Chapter 17: DNA Typing
Chapter 18: Hair

Part V: Forensic Chemistry
Chapter 19: Illicit Drugs
Chapter 20: Forensic Toxicology
Chapter 21: Fibers, Paints and Other Polymers
Chapter 22: Glass and Soil
Chapter 23: Fires and Explosions
Part VI: Additional Forensic Science Topics
Chapter 24: Presentation of Forensic Evidence in Court
Chapter 25: Forensic Psychology

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