Get Through FRCR Part 1 MCQs pdf free

Get Through FRCR Part 1 MCQs Mock Examination Pdf free download

In this post you can download Get Through FRCR Part 1 MCQs Mock Examination Pdf free, This Medical MCQs pdf book is providing comprehensive coverage of the new FRCR Part 1 curriculum, the title presents questions in a test-like manner, with detailed but uncomplicated explanations. With a special focus on legislation, the book covers recent developments in the field and radiation safety issues. Get through FRCR Part 1 FRCR is ideal for candidates and tutors, radiographers, radiologists and medical physics students.

Radiology is the most competitive and rapidly expanding speciality in medicine. Advances in technology and new legislation have driven a change in the examination structure by the Royal College of Radiologists.

The new part 1 FRCR examination was introduced in December 2002 and covers basic physics and radiation safety, with the aim that candidates move into practical specialist training earlier in their training. The exam is held three times a year at five UK centres and in Dublin, Singapore and Hong Kong. No minimum period of clinical experience or clinical radiology training is needed to enter the examination, nor is attendance on a physics course compulsory. This means that for the first time it is open to non-radiology trainees who are hoping to enter specialist training in the future. Download Free PDF Get Through FRCR Part 1 MCQs Mock Examination by Damian Tolan



Book Name Get Through FRCR Part 1 MCQs Mock Examination
Author of Book Damian Tolan
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Price PDF free



The need to set questions with true or false answers has posed us with a number of problems, as it surely must for the FRCR examiners. We have tried as far as possible to make our questions unambiguous, without trivialising them, but there may be some room for discussion of some of the answers. Please bear in mind that things change and that some of our information will only be true at the time of writing. Hopefully, the physics will not change, and the recently enacted legislation will be around for a while.

We hope that the layout of our book will allow candidates to use the questions for revision and to test the examination techniques. A separate mock examination has been provided at the end of the book for this purpose. We have specifically tried to provide clear, detailed explanations in answer to our questions and hope that they clarify difficult parts of the syllabus. This book should also be of use to radiographers in undergraduate and postgraduate training programmes for revision, and radiography and medical physics lecturers in writing questions for their courses. Finally, we wish you good luck and every success in the exam!



Topics of this Edition:

This Medical MCQs for Examination related book Get Through FRCR Part 1 has the following topics in this edition.



1. Fundamental properties of matter, radiation and radioactive decay

2. Production of x-rays

3. Interactions of ionising radiation with matter

4. Factors affecting image quality

5. Conventional film processing

6. Quality assurance and quality control

7. Mammography

8. Special radiographic techniques

9. Image intensifiers and fluoroscopy

10. Computed tomography scanning

11. Radionuclide imaging

12. Radiation protection

13. Patient dosimetry

14. UK Legislation – Statutory Requirements and Non-statutory Recommendations

Mock examination



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About Author:

Damian Tolan MBChB MRCP(UK)
Specialist Registrar in Diagnostic Radiology, Leeds

Rachel Hyland MBChB
Specialist Registrar in Diagnostic Radiology, Leeds

Christopher Taylor BSc
Head of Radiological Physics, Radiation Protection Adviser and Head of Leeds FRCR Physics Teaching Programme, Leeds Teaching Hospitals Trust

Arnold Cowen BSc
Senior Lecturer in Medical Physics, University of Leeds


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