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Most of the nursing-related students want Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review in PDF Free Download and I decided to share this free of cost for study purposes through this blog post. This Book Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review PDF Free 1st edition and you can download it with a direct reliable link of downloading. According to Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN, you can learn strategies to pass the exams with what you already have the knowledge, practice with 1000+ NCLEX questions answers and explanations. This book saves your time due to easy learning techniques and material so you can get success easily on your first attempt in the examination.

You must read it to understand how we will work together to make NCLEX successful. This book parallels the same successful approach that I use when teaching NCLEX Review classes. This chapter serves as the beginning of your journey to conquer the NCLEX! So, you’ve finished nursing school. What an achievement! Can you believe that it’s really over? I bet you’re still walking around feeling like you have a plan of care to hand over to your clinical instructor! Now you have to do one more test! I know it is very frustrating. You’re eager to take the exam, so you can get to work and help buy that new car you’ve already chosen.

Or maybe the nurse manager at your new job or a family member is pressuring you to get tested sooner rather than later. Perhaps you have already taken the test five times and feel like there is no hope for you. Guess what? There is hope! Just because a student has to take the exam more than once doesn’t mean they won’t be a great nurse. If you follow this book and do what I tell you, you will be successful at NCLEX!



Book Name Hurst Reviews NCLEX-RN Review
Author of Book Marlene Hurst
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Nursing

Based on Marlene Hurst’s phenomenally popular nursing seminars training over 30,000 students annually, this groundbreaking review is loaded with the author’s proven strategies, all designed to help you pass the NCLEX certification and course exams the first time.

Key features

  • This is a time-saving book 
  • Helpful to pass the exams with what you already know
  • Nursing-related Quiz and their Answers to enhance your knowledge and preparation for the exams.
  • You will learn how this test is different from other nursing school tests and much more



Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1 Let’s Get It Started in Here!
Chapter 2 The Process You Must Go Through
Chapter 3 How Is This Test Different?
Chapter 4 NCLEX-RN—Fact or Fiction?
Chapter 5 Let’s Make Sense of the Test Plan!
Chapter 6 Basic Test-Taking Strategies
Chapter 7 How to Tackle a Priority Question?
Chapter 8 Management and Delegation
Chapter 9 Why Do I Really Have to Understand “the Nursing Process”?
Chapter 10 Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Therapeutic Communication
Chapter 11 Pharmacology in a Nutshell
Chapter 12 Potential Test Question Topics According to the RN Test Plan
Chapter 13 Cool Charts You Just Have to Know
Chapter 14 A Day in the Life
Chapter 15 I’ve Already Failed Once What Do I Do Now?
Chapter 16 Tips for International Students
Chapter 17 Sample Test Questions
Chapter 18 Directory of State Boards of Nursing


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What Is The Nclex-Rn Test Plan?

The NCLEX-RN Test Plan for Registered Nurses is a document that outlines the content that can be assessed on the NCLEX-RN exam. This document was developed by the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, Inc. The test plan is structured in a way that defines the skills and competencies that the new graduate should be able to perform in any setting.

Why do they have a test plan?

The National Council takes great consideration in preparing this very important test. They don’t just take questions out of nowhere and put them on the test. Therefore, they have a specific test plan to help determine what specific nursing skills are to be tested.

Where do they get the test plan?

The National Council conducts studies every 3 years in an effort to determine what skills nurses are using in their first 6 months of practice. Determine what activities new nurses perform most frequently, how these activities affect client safety, and in which areas new nurses work most frequently. After this step, an in-depth analysis is completed, which helps define entry-level nursing for this day and age.


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