KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF

KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF free download

In this medical blog post, we are going to share KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF free and you can download it with a direct reliable link. Pharmacology is a very important subject while becoming a doctor. Most of the students take this subject very complex. KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition will help you to prepare for your exams and also help you to get good marks. KD Tripathi’s book of pharmacology is also very famous among students and most medical colleges and universities use this book as a coursebook. This is based on Tripathi’s Essentials of Medical Pharmacology (fifth Edition).

KD Tripathi MCQs in pharmacology pdf is widely used in entrance tests, competitive exams, and in some places in certification exams. However, the MCQ items have been criticized mainly for their lack of relevance to basic or essential learning objectives, because they mostly tend to emphasize the rare or unusual. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to induce MCQ items that test the student’s knowledge, understanding, and ability to apply in relevant areas. This book attempts to introduce a series of MCQs in Pharmacology and Therapeutics on topics that cover important learning objectives.


Book Name KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition
Author of Book Jaypee
Edition 3rd
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmacology books

The MCQs are also an important method of self-study and self-assessment. An overwhelming amount of detailed information on an ever-increasing number of medicines is now available. A mental exercise should be practiced on the considerations that underlie the choice of one drug over another in specific situations. Solving the MCQs could help the crystallization and assimilation of fundamental pharmacological principles, as well as the objective information on medicines necessary for their safe and effective use. This purpose is best served if the MCQs relate to the text the student has been using to study.

Key features

  • Based on Tripathi’s Essentials of Medical Pharmacology (fifth Edition)
  • Easy to memorable
  • Covers General Pharmacology concepts
  • Also discussed Gastrointestinal Drugs and more topics


Topics of KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition

1. General Pharmacological Principles
2. Drugs Acting on Autonomic Nervous System
3. Autacoids and Related Drugs
4. Respiratory System Drugs
5. Hormones and Related Drugs
6. Drugs Acting on Peripheral (Somatic) Nervous System
7. Drugs Acting on Central Nervous System
8. Cardiovascular Drugs
9. Drugs Acting on Kidney
10. Drugs Affecting Blood and Blood Formation
11. Gastrointestinal Drugs
12. Antimicrobial Drugs
13. Chemotherapy of Neoplastic Diseases


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Demo content

Here is the example content of KD Tripathi MCQS Pharmacology 3rd Edition PDF free download

10.1 Autacoids differ from hormones in that:
A. Autacoids are involved only in the causation
of pathological states
B. Autacoids do not have a specific cell/tissue
of origin
C. Autacoids generally act locally at the site of
generation and release
D. Both ‘B’ and ‘C’ are correct (p. 134)

10.2 Which of the following is a selective H1 receptor
A. 4-methyl histamine
B. Impromidine
C. 2-Thiazolyl ethylamine
D. Chlorpheniramine (p. 137)

10.3 The action of histamine that is not mediated through
H1 receptors is:
A. Release of EDRF from vascular endothelium
resulting in vasodilatation
B. Direct action on vascular smooth muscle
causing vasodilatation
C. Bronchoconstriction
D. Release of catecholamines from adrenal
medulla (p. 136, 137)

10.4 Histamine exerts the following actions except:
A. Dilatation of large blood vessels
B. Dilatation of small blood vessels
C. Stimulation of isolated guineapig heart
D. Itching (p. 136)

10.5 Fall in blood pressure caused by larger doses of
histamine is blocked by:
A. H1 antihistaminics alone
B. H2 antagonists alone
C. Combination of H1 and H2 antagonists
D. None of the above (p. 136)

10.6 The following statement about histamine is not
A. It is the sole mediator of immediate hypersensitivity reaction
B. It plays no role in delayed hypersensitivity
C. It serves as a neurotransmitter in the brain
D. All types of histamine receptors are G-protein coupled receptors (p. 137, 138)

10.7 Histamine is involved as a mediator in the following
pathological condition:
A. Delayed hypersensitivity reaction
B. Inflammation
C. Carcinoid syndrome
D. Variant angina (p. 138)

10.8 The drug that can directly release histamine from
mast cells without involving antigen-antibody reaction is:
A. Aspirin
B. Procaine
C. Morphine
D. Sulfadiazine (p. 138


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