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Most people want to download free NCLEX Audio Lectures nurses by Mark Klimek with a google drive link or on another way. In this blog post, we have updated the direct downloading links of Mark Klimek NCLEX Audio Lectures that are totally free. These links are placed on 3rd party sites. 

Basically, The National Council for Licensing Examination, or NCLEX, is a national exam for nurses in the United States. All nurses should know about the NCLEX licensing exam. The NCLEX exam, also known as the National Council Licensing Examination, is a medical exam used by each nation’s regulatory board to decide whether an applicant is ready to become licensed as an entry-level nurse.


Lectures The National Council for Licensing Examination (NCLEX)
Lecturer Mark Klimek
Format Audio MP3
Language English
Price FREE
Category Nursing

According to the NCLEX data sheet, from January to June 2021, 82.74% of NCLEX-RN registered nurse candidates and 79.06% of NCLEX-PN practical nurse candidates were taking their respective exams for the first time. Candidates with international training for the first time came from the Philippines, India, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Nepal and other countries.

NCLEX Pass Rates

NCLEX pass rates for all RN candidates in the first six months of 2021 was 72.94%, with the highest pass rate for registered nurses with bachelor’s degrees. The practical nurse pass rate for the NCLEX was 66.3% with the highest pass rate for US-educated first-time examinees at 79.33%. Some colleges have high pass rates as a possible indication of the value of their program.

Demo of Mark Klimek NCLEX Audio Lectures:

Here is some demo content from NCLEX Audio Lectures  and pdf-notes for nurses by Mark Klimek 

• ↓ Mucus
• Bronchodilation
• Dry mouth
• Dry eyes
• Urinary retention
• Dry skin
• Constipation
• Shut down GI
• Prevents V when trying to intubate
• Bronchorrhea (large amounts of mucus in
• Bronchoconstriction
• Salivation
• Lacrimating
• Urination
• Diaphoresis/Diarrhea
• GI Upset
• Emesis


A. ABG Interpretation
a. Rule of the B’s
i. If the pH and the BICARB (HCO3)
ii. Are BOTH in the same direction,
iii. Then it is METABOLIC
b. ↓ pH = acidosis
c. ↑ pH= alkaline
B. Values
a. Normal pH = 7.35 – 7.45
b. Normal Bicarb= 22-26
c. PaO2= 80-100 mmHg
d. PaCO2= 35-45 mmHg
e. SaO2= 95-100%
C. Signs & Symptoms of Acid-Base Imbalance
a. As the pH goes, so goes the patient except for Potassium (bc it
will try to compensate)
pH UP ↑ K↓ [ALKALOSIS] pH DOWN ↓ K↑ [ACIDOSIS]• Tachycardia
• Tachypnea
• Diarrhea
• Tremors
• Seizure
• Hyperreflexia
• Agitated
• Bradycardia
• Bradypnea
• Hypotension
• ↓ lucidity
• anorexia
• coma
• lethargy
• Borborygmi (↑ bowel sounds)
• Hypertension
• Palpitations
• Tetany
• Anxiety/Panic
• Poly
• cardia arrest
• suppressed, decreased, falling
D. Causes of Acid-Base Imbalance
a. First ask, “Is it Lung?”
i. If YES-! then it is Respiratory
b. Then ask yourself:
i. Are they Overventilating or Underventilating?
1. If Overventilating ! pick Alkalosis
2. If Underventilating ! pick Acidosis
c. If not lung, then it’s Metabolic
i. If the patient has prolonged gastric vomiting or suction,
pick Metabolic Alkalosis
ii. For everything else that isn’t lung, pick Metabolic
1. Also, if you don’t know what to pick choose
Metabolic Acidosis

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1. High-Pressure Alarms are triggered by ↑ resistance to airflow and can
be caused by obstructions of three types:
a. Kinked Tube
i. NRS ACTION: Unkink it
b. Water in tubing (caused by condensation)
i. NRS ACTION: Empty it/Remove H2O
c. Mucus in airway
i. NRS ACTION: Turn, C&DB; only use suction if C&DB
fails, as a last resort
2. Low-Pressure Alarms are triggered by ↓ resistance to airflow and can
be caused by disconnections of the:
a. Tubing
i. NRS ACTION: Pay attention to where tubing is…(contamination)
ii. If on floor, change out
iii. If on chest, clean with alcohol then put back on
3. Respiratory Alkalosis (Overventilation) means ventilator settings
may be too HIGH.
4. Respiratory Acidosis (Underventilation) means ventilator settings
may be too LOW.
5. To “Wean” ! To gradually and incrementally decrease with the goal of
ridding all together

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09 Psych Drugs .mp3(6.44MB) Click Here

010 Maternity_OB .mp3(7.47MB) Click Here

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Erikson’s Stage of Psychosocial Development .mp4(19.77MB) Click Here

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