Microneuroanatomy and Surgery (1st Ed.) Book Free Download

Microneuroanatomy and Surgery (1st Ed.) Book Free Download

This book Microneuroanatomy and Surgery is written by Feres Chaddad-Neto, Marcos Devanir Silva da Costa. Anatomy is the basis of surgery. Our neurosurgical procedures are performed on brains hidden within a towering skull, but once breached, we enter otherworldly splendor. Neuroanatomy has this seductive beauty that even decades of familiarity cannot diminish. I still marvel at its complexity and never tire of my workplace. When a surgical microscope is added to magnify and illuminate the neuroanatomy, this realm becomes even more exquisite. Textbooks rarely do microneuranatomy justice because there is nothing like the real thing. Neuroanatomy textbooks are common and quite useful for medical students studying the brain for the first time. But microneurosurgical anatomy textbooks are rare, especially the good ones that relate to the procedures neurosurgeons perform and make neurosurgeons perform better.

According to the author: The book focuses on microsurgical anatomy, not just anatomy for anatomy’s sake. It begins in the gyri and sulci, then moves to the lobes of the brain, the central nucleus, ventricles, brainstem, and cerebellum. It also includes excellent descriptions. of the cisterns and parasellar and pineal regions. The textbook is a beautiful mix of cadaveric dissections, radiographic images, case examples, and operative photographs. A thorough reading of this material cannot but turn the reader into an enlightened and more knowledgeable neurosurgeon.



Book Name Microneuroanatomy and Surgery
Author of Book Feres Chaddad-Neto, Marcos Devanir Silva da Costa
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical Books


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1: Surgical Anatomy of the Sulci and Gyri of the Brain
Chapter 2: Surgical Anatomy of the Frontal Lobe
Chapter 3: Surgical Anatomy of the Parietal and Occipital Lobes
Chapter 4: Surgical Anatomy of the Temporal Lobe
Chapter 5: Surgical Anatomy of the Central Core of the Brain
Chapter 6: Surgical Anatomy of the Lateral Ventricles
Chapter 7: Surgical Anatomy of the Third Ventricle
Chapter 8: Surgical Anatomy of the Cerebellum and the Fourth Ventricle
Chapter 9: Surgical Anatomy of the Midbrain
Chapter 10: Surgical Anatomy of the Pons
Chapter 11: Surgical Anatomy of the Medulla Oblongata
Chapter 12: Surgical Anatomy of the Anterior Basal Cisterns
Chapter 13: Surgical Anatomy of the Posterior Basal Cisterns
Chapter 14: Surgical Anatomy of the Posterior Fossa Cisterns
Chapter 15: Surgical Anatomy of the Sellar Region
Chapter 16: Surgical Anatomy of the Parasellar Region
Chapter 17: Surgical Anatomy of the Foramen Magnum
Chapter 18: Surgical Anatomy of the Pineal Region



Microneuroanatomy is fundamental to understanding the brain. In many cases, transmitting neuroanatomical knowledge is a difficult task to achieve, but this is mainly due to those who have the task of transmitting this knowledge in classes and conferences, or in books.

In reality, neuroanatomy is simple and should be understood as a tool for approaching the different areas of the brain, not as an obstacle, and the only way to overcome this problem is to correlate neuroanatomy with various types of diseases (arteriovenous malformations, aneurysms, tumors, cavernomas, hydrocephalus, etc.)



Microneuroanatomy and Surgery (1st Ed.) Book Free Download



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