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In the post, we are going to share Petroleum Microbiology 1st Edition by Bernard Ollivier (Editor), Michel Magot (Editor) in pdf format free download. Our valued visitors can download pdf free Petroleum Microbiology 1st Edition with google drive direct link. As we know Petroleum microbiology is a branch of microbiology that deals with the study of microorganisms that can metabolize or convert crude or refined petroleum products. A state-of-the-art presentation of specific microorganisms living in oil reserves, emphasizing the environmental importance of anaerobic microorganisms. The oil field considers the various beneficial and harmful effects of bacteria and archaeology on the environment. Provides basic and applied biological perspectives, and serves as an invaluable reference for petroleum engineers, correctional professionals, and field researchers.

Examines the composition of crude oil and the effects of microbial activity onpetroleum production, as well as the bacterial mechanisms involved in the biodegradation of hydrocarbons. Yeast presents a chapter on iron-lowering and nitrate-lowering microorganisms. Biodegradation of Petroleum in Underground Geological Reserves Microbial Increase in Oil Recovery Microbiology of Petroleum Upgradation and Marine Oil Spreading Biomedium through the Use of Biotechnology.




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Book Name Petroleum Microbiology 1st Edition pdf
Author of Book Bernard Ollivier (Editor), Michel Magot (Editor)
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
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In 1926, Edson S. Bastin and coworkers reported on original observations, which can be considered the first study of the microbial ecology of oil field production waters (Bastin et al., 1926). A microbiological investigation of 67 wellhead samples from oil fields located in California and Illinois was undertaken, and sulfate-reducing bacteria (SRB) were shown to be common inhabitants of these ecosystems. In their conclusions, they questioned the origin of these bacteria in production water, finally hypothesizing that such bacteria could originate from the connate brines (Bastin, 1926; Bastin et al., 1926). In this respect, the possibility that bacteria can thrive in deep subsurface oil reservoirs was thus first mentioned. Since the work of Bastin and colleagues, abundant literature has referred to active bacterial communities which can inhabit the subsurface environments up to several kilometres below the earth’s surface (Fredrickson et al., 1995; Head et al., 2003; Parkes et al., 1994; Pedersen, 2000).

Consequently, the concept of a deep biosphere constituting adapted indigenous bacterial communities was recently developed and has now been widely accepted by the scientific community.
Oil reservoirs constitute deep geological environments with diverse physicochemical in situ conditions where indigenous microbial communities are supposed to grow or survive if these conditions are not too drastic for life (e.g., extreme temperatures or salinity). Nevertheless, although the existence of indigenous populations in oil fields has been widely admitted (Head et al., 2003; Larter et d., 2003; Magot et al., 2000), direct proofs of their existence are scarce in the literature. In this chapter, the main reasons of this lack of information will be discussed, together with the data in favour of the existence of indigenous bacterial communities in oil fields. The term indigenous will be used herein its narrowest sense, i.e., to designate those bacteria that are not supposed to have been introduced into the environment during reservoir development.



Topics of this Edition:

Petroleum Microbiology 1st Edition pdf free contains the following topics in this Edition


Oil Reservoirs and Oil Production / 3

Indigenous Microbial Communities in Oil Fields / 21

Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria and Archaea / 35

Hyperthermophilic and Methanogenic Archaea in Oil Fields / 55

Nitrate-Reducing Microorganisms / 71


Biodegradation of Petroleum in Subsurface Geological Reservoirs / 91

Reservoir Souring: Mechanisms and Prevention / 123

Microbial Corrosion in the Oil Industry: a Corrosionist’s View / 143

Biofouling in the Oil Industry / 171


Microbial Control of Hydrogen Sulfide Production in Oil Reservoirs / 201

Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery: Past, Present, andFuture / 215

Biotechnological Upgrading of Petroleum / 239


Diversity, Function, and Biocatalytic Applications of Alkane Oxygenases / 259

AnoxicConditions / 277

Biodegradation in Petroleum-Laden Environments / 337

Biodegradation of Fuel Ethers / 301

The Microbiology of Marine Oil Spill Bioremediation / 317



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