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Physeo Anatomy Free PDF Medical Course and Step 1 review

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Book Name  Physeo Anatomy
Author of Book Travis Norseth, Michael Christensen, & Rhett Thomson
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Price PDF free 




Here are the topics of Physeo Anatomy Free PDF 


Section I – Arteries of the Upper Body 
Section II – Veins of the Upper Body 
Section III – Arteries of the Lower Body 
Section VI – Veins of the Lower Body 
Section V – Gastrointestinal Arteries 
Section VI – Gastrointestinal Veins and the Portal System 
Section VII – Ovarian and Testicular Vasculature 
Section VIII – Cardiovascular Anatomy on Imaging 
Section I – Overview of Respiratory Anatomy 
Section I – Overview of Renal Anatomy


Section I – Mesentery and Peritoneum 
Section I.1 – Retroperitoneal Organs.
Section II – Inguinal Canal 
Section III – Pectinate Line 
Section IV – Layers of the Intestinal Wall

Section I – Overview of Endocrine Anatomy

Section I – Female Reproductive Organs 
Section II – Female Ligaments and Local Structures 
Section III – Pelvic Floor 
Section IV – Male Reproductive Organs 

Section I – Neuroanatomy Overview 


Section I – Upper Trunk, Axillary, Musculocutaneous, Suprascapular Nerves 
Section II – Lower Trunk and the Median and Ulnar Nerves 
Section III – Radial and Long Thoracic Nerves ..
Section IV – Shoulder 
Section V – Elbow and Wrist 
Section VI – Lumbosacral Plexus
Section VII – Hip 
Section VIII – Lumbar Radiculopathy 
Section IX – Knee Ligaments and Menisci 
Section X – Other Knee and Leg Conditions 
Section XI – Ankle and Foot 


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