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Physeo Series download now in pdf format Physeo Embryology Google drive direct download link. If you’re a medical student and want to get free medical books related to embryology then this book Physeo Embryology medical course and step 1 review first edition. This series has many other topics related books that you can download also on this site.


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Book Name Physeo Embryology
Author of Book Travis Norseth, Michael Christensen, & Rhett Thomson
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Price PDF free 


Topics of this Edition:

Physeo Embryology medical course and step 1 review first edition has given below topics in this version.


Section I – Early Fetal Development
Section II – Genes of Body Patterning
Section III – Embryologic Derivatives.
Section IV – Errors in Morphogenesis.
Section V – Teratogens
Section VI – Twinning
Section VII – Pharyngeal Clefts and Pouches
Section VIII – 1st and 2nd Pharyngeal Arches 
Section IX – 3rd, 4th and 6th Pharyngeal Arches
Section X – Cleft Lip and Palate
Section XI – Normal Genital Development
Section XII – Pathology of Genital Development

Section I – Normal Cardiac Development
Section II – Fetal and Neonatal Circulation
Section III – Right-to-Left Shunts
Section IV – Left-to-Right Shunts

Section I – Respiratory Embryology

Section I – Normal Renal Development
Section II – Pathology of Renal Development

Section I – Normal Gut Development
Section II – Pathology of Foregut and Hindgut Development 
Section III – Pathology of Midgut Development and Intestinal Atresia 
Section IV – Intestinal Atresia


Section I – Endocrine Embryology 

Section I – Neurulation and Neural Tube Defects 
Section II – Posterior Fossa Malformations 


Example Content:

Now before downloading we look at the example review question of this 1st edition of Physeo Embryology medical course and step 1 review of Physeo series.


A 24-year-old pregnant woman comes to the clinic due to dysuria and urgency that began yesterday. She states that she has leftover pills of TMP-SMX (Bactrim) from previous UTI infections and is wondering if she can take this medication. If she takes this medication, at what stage in development would her baby be most susceptible to the adverse effects of Bactrim?

A. 1-4 days
B. 6-10 days
C. 2 weeks
D. 4-6 weeks
E. 10-12 weeks



A baby is born with forearm flexor muscles where extensor muscles should have been. This abnormality was most likely caused by the under secretion of a molecule normally secreted from which of the following?

A. Zone of polarizing acton
B. Apical ectodermal ridge
C. Progress zone
D. Mesoderm
E. Endoderm

Answer: B, apical ectodermal ridge

Flexor muscles on the dorsal surface of the forearm indicate abnormal centralization.

Dorsal-ventral patterning is determined by Wnt-7 which is produced from the apical ectodermal ridge

A and C are incorrect because these zones do not produce the Wnt-7 protein

D and E are incorrect because the apical ectodermal ridge is ectoderm


Now we come to how to download this Physeo Embryology medical course and step 1 review pdf free 1st edition by Travis Norseth, Michael Christensen, & Rhett Thomson. Just click and download this free physeo medical book.


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