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1st edition of Physeo Psychiatry Medical Course And Step 1 Review



Book Name Physeo Psychiatry Medical Course And Step 1 Review
Author of Book Travis Norseth, Michael Christensen, & Rhett Thomson
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Price PDF free 




Here are the topics of Physeo Psychiatry pdf free 



Section I – Conditioning and Transference 

Section II – Ego Defenses 



Section I: Child Abuse and Neglect

Section II – Childhood Behavior and Anxiety Disorders

Section III: Childhood and Early-onset Disorders

Section IV – Depression 

Section V – Mania 

Section VI – Anxiety Disorders

Section VII – Cognition, Orientation, Delirium and Amnesia 

Section VIII: Psychosis

Section IX – Psychotic Disorders

Section X – Dissociative Disorders

Section XI – Malingering, Factitious & Somatic Disorders

Section XII – Personality Disorders

Section XIII – Eating Disorders 

Section XIV – Refeeding Syndrome 

Section XV – Sex Related Disorders

Section XVI: Sleep disorders

Section XVII – Substance Use Disorder & Stages of Change 

Section XVIII – Trauma and Stress-related Disorders

Physeo Psychiatry pdf free



A researcher is interested in conducting a study that tests a new therapy for anxiety. Test subjects are given chewing gum that contains medication for anxiety. Subjects are given the chewing gum for 1 month and report feeling less anxiety. After the first month, the medication is removed from the chewing gum and test subjects still report feeling less anxious while chewing gum. What was the conditioned stimulus in this scenario?

A. Feeling less anxiety
B. The medication
C. The chewing gum
D. Having anxiety
E. The test subjects

Correct Answer: C, the chewing gum

• The unconditioned stimulus: anxiety medicaton

• The unconditioned response: decreased anxiety in response to medication (decreased anxiety is a natural response to anti-anxiety medication)

• Conditioned stimulus: chewing gum (over time the subject was conditioned to associate decreased anxiety with the gum itself, an unnatural response)

• Choice A is wrong because feeling less anxiety is a response, not a stmulus

• Choice B is wrong because the medication was the unconditioned stmulus

• Choices D and E are wrong because neither of these refers to stimulus or response, they are just descriptions of the study participants


Table 7.2.1 - Child Abuse
Table 7.2.1 – Child Abuse


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