Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides

Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides PDF free

A Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides PDF by Prithwiraj Maiti is being shared in this medical blog post. Pathology Practical Handbook PDF Free is a comprehensive book for MBBS, MDS at graduation level as well as post-graduation level. Professional MBBS 2nd exam is difficult as it comes with a very extensive syllabus, which a newly arrived medical student has to cover in a short time. For the pathology part, systemic pathology remains an area of fear for many students as it seems long and it actually is. The idea for this book arose from this point.

It is a common fact everywhere that the questions that are asked in Pathology Grand Viva are actually from the samples and many students, even after reading their textbooks 3 or 4 times, are still very afraid of the questions that are actually asked. they will do them This book has covered a large part of systemic pathology and I think it will be useful for both your theory and your in vivo exams. This book is not a textbook, but a supplement to the textbooks.


Book Name Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides
Author of Book Prithwiraj Maiti
Edition n/a
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pathology Books


Key features

This latest edition of Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides has follwoign features

  1. A concise supplement in plain language.
  2. Full description of important pathological specimens and in-depth discussion of all relevant topics
  3. Illustrative graphs, charts, and diagrams will help students understand relatively difficult topics with ease.
  4.  A quick review of all the important topics in systemic pathology will help aspiring PGs complete a large portion of systemic pathology in a very short period of time.
  5. Over 100 high-quality digital photos of specimens and slides that will help students gain a solid foundation in the basics of systemic pathology


Topics of this Edition

Chapter-01_Cardiovascular System
Chapter-02_Gastrointestinal Tract
Chapter-05_Male Genital System
Chapter-06_Female Genital System
Chapter-08_Bones and Joints
Chapter-09_Respiratory System
Chapter-10_Pathology Practical Slides Identification


Demo content

Here is some piece of content from A Practical Handbook of Pathology Specimens and Slides book for your better understanding of what type of data this book contains. 

Cardiovascular System:

Mitral stenosis. Specimen of heart

It is a specimenofheart cut transversely.

• The left ventricle is recognized by its thick wall.

• The valve is lying between left ventricle and left atrium and having 2 cusps. So it ismitral valve.

• The valve has become thickened and fibrosed.

• The orifices have become grossly narrowed. – So, the specimen is identified as “Mitral stenosis” (above image)

What do you mean by stenosis?

Stenosis is the failure of a valve to open completely, which impedes forward flow.

What do you mean by regurgitation/ insufficiency?

Regurgitation is the failure of a valve to close completely, thereby allowing reversed flow.

What is the major cause of mitral stenosis?

The major cause of mitral stenosis in India is chronic rheumatic heart disease.

Pathogenesis of mitral stenosis in RF/RHD
Pathogenesis of mitral stenosis in RF/RHD

So this book is very useful for under and posts graduates students. Real-time pictures are included for a better understanding of students.


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