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Harsh Mohan Practical Pathology 2nd Edition pdf free

Practical Pathology Harsh Mohan 2nd Edition pdf is one of the best books on pathology. You can download this free medical book with a direct download link from google drive. The Pathology Practical Book (first published in 2000) was heavily reviewed because the 5th edition of my textbook of pathology has already been available to users since 2005, and it is important that the practical book is available to your seniors. With parallels in content and presentation progress.

The purpose of the peer-reviewed edition is the same as the previous edition of the
First, there are many large reference books and colour atlases on various aspects of laboratory medicine such as technique, clinical pathology, cytopathology, general and systemic pathology, haematology and postmortem pathology. Each of them deals with these subjects in great detail but usually goes far beyond the needs and understanding of undergraduates.


Book Name Practical Pathology
Author of Book Harsh Mohan
Edition Second Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pathology Books



The revised edition of the book is Free Download Harsh mohan Pathology Practical Book 2nd Edition in PDF format divided into seven sections namely: Techniques in Pathology, Clinical Pathology, General Pathology, Systemic Pathology, Cytopathology, Haematology and Autopsy Pathology, besides Appendix on Normal Values. Each section is independent and self-contained and is preceded by a page of Section Objectives and Section Contents, besides highlighting the outstanding contribution of an eminent Pathologist in that subspecialty to stimulate the interest of students in the history of Pathology. The basic style of presentation in the revised edition has been retained, i.e. exercise-based teaching as would happen in the routine weekly pathology practical class of undergraduate students. These exercises are further systematically organised based on organ systems and topics.

I have learned from my own experience over many years of teaching as well as from interactions with colleagues that there is a lack of uniformity in the teaching of practical pathology to undergraduates in different institutions as well as in different staff within the country. Members of the same department in an organization – some teach ‘too much in a limited amount of time while others teach ‘too little’. Third, it has been observed that in order to learn practical pathology, students rely on the central textbook of pathology, which is not complete in terms of the need for practicals in pathology for undergraduates. Therefore, a comprehensive text of the Pathology Practical Book is required.

The present second edition of the book has 58 Exercises compared to 53 in the previous edition. Besides, there have been changes and insertions of newer slides in many exercises. These additions were considered essential keeping in view the contemporary concepts on learning of basic pathology of diseases. The material in each exercise has been thoroughly revised and updated laying emphasis on further clarity and accuracy of the text and images. The book lays emphasis on honing practical skills in the students for laboratory techniques and on learning gross and microscopic pathology. Thus, the description of the topic/disease is largely on applied aspects while theoretical details have been kept out so as not to lose the main focus.

All the illustrations in the revised edition of the book are new and are more numerous now; all these are now in colour. Previous black and white line sketches of gross pictures have been replaced with clicked photographs of representative museum specimens. Likewise, all the changed photomicrographs have new corresponding coloured and labelled line sketches across them. There are also many additional photos of instruments commonly used in a modern pathology laboratory. These major changes coupled with digital technology in photography have enhanced the readability and have given a pleasing look to the book.

Topics of this Edition:


Following are the topics of 2nd edition of Practical Pathology by Harsh Mohan

  • Contents
  • Section I: Techniques in Pathology
  • Section II: Clinical Pathology
  • Section III: General Pathology
  • Section IV: Systemic Pathology
  • Section V: Cytopathology
  • Section VI: Haematology
  • Section VII: Autopsy Pathology
  • Appendix
  • Index


High-Yield Histopathology




This book is also very famous like the Pathoma series you can learn about Clinical pathology as well as general pathology and much more. Here is the example content which I have taken from this Pathology book by Harsh Mohan second latest edition.

Professor William Boyd in his inimitable style wrote ‘Pathology had its beginning on the autopsy table.’ The significance of the study of autopsy in pathology is summed up in Latin inscription in an autopsy room reproduced in English as ‘The place where death delights to serve the living.’ There is still no substitute for a careful postmortem examination which enlightens the clinician about the pathogenesis of the disease, reveals hazardous effects of therapy administered, and settles the discrepancies finally between antemortem and postmortem diagnosis. The study of autopsy throws new light on the knowledge and skills of both physicians as well as pathologists. The main purposes of the autopsy are as under:

Quality assurance of patient care by:

  1. Confirming the cause of death;
  2. ii. establishing the final diagnosis; and
  3. . study of therapeutic response to treatment

Education of the entire team involved in patient-care by:

  • Making autopsy diagnosis of conditions which are often missed clinically e.g. pneumonia, pulmonary embolism, acute pancreatitis, carcinoma prostate.
  • Discovery of newer diseases made at autopsy e.g. Reye’s syndrome, Legionnaire’s disease.
  • Study of demography and epidemiology of diseases. iv. Affords education to students and staff of pathology

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