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This one-of-a-type take a look at prep manual lets you get to recognize cloth at the pharmacology shelf examination and the USMLE Step 1; exercise with 500 USMLE Step 1-fashion questions with referenced answers; assessment motives for proper and incorrect answers; and construct confidence, skills, and knowledge, and you can download Pharmacology: PreTest Self-Assessment and Review 12th Edition Pdf Free with google drive link.

Marshal Shlafer is the author of this medical book. A speaker at Grand Rounds is summarizing the literature on a very small subset of patients who develop acute hemolytic disease in response to drug therapy. The causative agents included common antimalarial drugs (chloroquine, quinine, and especially primaquine); cardiovascular drugs (hydralazine, procainamide, quinidine); and various antimicrobials (chloramphenicol, nitrofurantoin, sulfonamide antibiotics).



Book Name PreTest Pharmacology 12th Edition
Author of Book Marshal Shlafer 
Edition 12the
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmacology 



Welcome to this, the 12th edition, of Pharmacology: PreTestTM Self-Assessment and Review. I’m pleased to have been invited back to do this edition after doing the 11th. Whether you’re studying for Step 1 of the USMLE or for a course exam that includes pharmacology content, I think you’ll find this helpful. Among the changes here you’ll find are: 

  • Over 200 new or extensively revised questions, most based on clinical vignettes or scenarios, and nearly all pretested on hundreds of first- and second-year medical students.
  • Many more questions in the format you’ll likely see on Step 1 of the USMLE
  • A better blend of questions that integrate your basic pharmacology knowledge with clinical applications, and with information from other basic preclinical disciplines.
  • More integration of question content between the various areas of pharmacology and therapeutics. This is a general “build upon the base” approach in which questions in later chapters encourage you to integrate new material with content presented earlier.
  • Clearer explanations for why correct answers are correct and the others aren’t
  • Updates of cross-references to major pharmacology text cross-reference in the answers so you can easily find additional information or explanations if you wish.


Topics of this Edition:

This 12 Edition of Pharmacology pretest series contains the following topics

  • General Principles
  • The Peripheral Nervous Systems: Autonomic and Somatic
  • The Central Nervous System
  • The Cardiovascular System
  • The Renal System and Diuretics
  • The Respiratory System: Asthma and COPD
  • Local Control Substances: Autacoids and Drugs for Inflammatory Processes
  • The Gastrointestinal System and Nutrition
  • The Endocrine System, Uterine Stimulants and Relaxants
  • Anti-Infectives
  • Cancer Chemotherapy and Immunosuppressants
  • Toxicology


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