Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer

Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer (1st Ed) Download free pdf

The book Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer is written by Daniel P. Greenfield. This unique, easy-to-read title offers a concise, practical guide to psychopharmacology and psychopharmacology. Designed for a wide range of practitioners and learners in general and mental health, this invaluable handbook provides essential information for those who wish to cultivate a deeper understanding of the often mysterious psychopharmacology family of medications. Unlike other books on this topic, the manual places psychopharmacology within the broader context of psychiatric and psychological treatment and also discusses the variety of therapeutic and somatic techniques available to providers and their patients. In addition, given that unfortunately many patients with psychiatric conditions find themselves interacting with the justice system, the author offers helpful considerations related to the intersection of mental health and the law.
The primer consists of 13 chapters and is organized into four parts: Part 1 covers the fundamentals of pharmacology and psychopharmacology, and describes the basic principles of pharmacology, psychopharmacology, and psychopharmacology. Part 2 addresses therapies that may involve psychopharmacology/psychopharmacology, providing a succinct description of selected and representative types of psychotherapy and counseling in contemporary psychiatry and psychology. Part 3 discusses the forensic and legal applications of psychopharmacology/psychopharmacotherapy, drawing on the author’s long experience in various aspects of forensic psychiatry. Part 4 consists of a final chapter, entitled “Synthesis and conclusions”. This chapter brings together the highlights of the book to assist the reader in the practical psychopharmacotherapeutic treatment of patients/clients.



Book Name Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer
Author of Book Daniel P. Greenfield
Edition 1st
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical Books


Key features

A timely and invaluable contribution to the literature, Psychopharmacology for Non-Psychiatrists: A Basic Manual will be of great benefit as an easy-to-use resource for practitioners or as an exam preparation book for medical students and trainees in a wide range of fields. Mental health. . Specifically, the manual will be of great interest to primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, counselors, therapists, non-psychiatric physicians, and dentists whose practices involve psychopharmacotherapy, naturopaths, homeopaths, physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech/language therapists. . Legal professionals and others who are not health professionals, but who interact with health professionals, will also find the manual a useful resource.


Topics of this Edition

Chapter 1: Introduction: Epidemiologic Triangle Model, Diagnosis, Psychiatric Diagnosis, and Other Necessary Preliminaries
Part I: Essentials of Psychopharmacology and Psychopharmacotherapy
Part II: Therapies That May Involve Psychopharmacology/Psychopharmacotherapy
Part III: Forensic and Legal Applications of Psychopharmacology/Psychopharmacotherapy
Part IV: Synthesis and Conclusions



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Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer
Psychopharmacology for Nonpsychiatrists: A Primer



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