Self Assessment and Review Pharmacology 4th Edition

Self Assessment and Review Pharmacology 4th Edition PDF free

Self Assessment and Review Pharmacology 4th Edition by Hira Bhalla KGMU Lucknow, Yogesh, Gulati KGMU Lucknow, and Deepak Mishra BRDMC Gorakhpur is a great book for medical students. They can download this medical book Self Assessment & Review Pharmacology 4th Edition PDF free. Pharmacology is one of those subjects. It is evolving at such a rapid rate that even those who are engaged with it 24/7 are unable to memorize all the new information.

This book aims to make it easier for aspiring PGs to maintain new knowledge, while equally focusing on the basics, and yet providing a comprehensive overview of the entire question bank so that the reader can find correct answers, most of the time. In this book, we have used many flowcharts, illustrations, and comparison charts to present the facts that need to be learned in a way that is easy to digest and remember. While no stone has been left unturned to make this book error-free, we sincerely apologize for any errors that have escaped us (especially grammatical ones) and we ask our readers for their feedback to enable us to further improve the text. . We thank our colleagues, readers, and students across the country for their valuable suggestions and constructive criticism.



Book Name Self Assessment & Review Pharmacology
Author of Book Hira Bhalla and others
Edition 4th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Pharmacology

This book is published in india and it has great demand in the national level. This book has also a chapter about MCQs at the end of this book so the medical students can easily learn and prepare for exams.


Topics of 4th Edition

Here are the topics of the 4th edition of Self Assessment and Review Pharmacology

1. General Pharmacology
2. Pharmacology of ANS, PNS and Autacoids
3. Pharmacology of Central Nervous System
4. Pharmacology of Cardiovascular and Renal System
5. Pharmacology of Respiratory, Endocrinal and Gastrointestinal System
6. Antimicrobial and Antineoplastic Drugs
7. Miscellaneous
Questions from Bihar, Jharkhand, Karnataka, Kolkata MP, UP Entrance Exam


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The Motor portion of the nervous system is divided into :

  •  Somatic NS
  • Autonomic NS
  • The somatic system is concerned with consciously controlled movements such as, respiration, posture, and movement.
  • The autonomic system is not under direct conscious control. It controls mainly visceral functions such as cardiac output, blood flow to various organs, digestion, genitourinary functions etc.

Similarities of the Nervous system (both somatic and autonomic) to the endocrine system
– High level of integrity in the brain
– Ability to influence functions at distant regions
– Use of negative feedback

By using drugs that mimic or blocks the actions of the chemical transmitters, we can enhance or retard the autonomic

– Thoracolumbar outflow – Craniosacral Includes
Cranial nerves – 3, 7, 9, 10
Sacral spinal – 3rd / 4th

Schematic illustration of generalized cholinergic junction

CHT – Choline transporter
ChAT – Choline accetyle transferase
VAT – Vesicle-associated transporter
VAMPs – Vesicle-associated membrane proteins
SNAP’s – Synaptosome-associated proteins


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