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Harsh Mohan Textbook of Pathology 7th pdf free download

Harsh Mohan Textbook of Pathology is recommended book for pathology subjects for medical students who want to become a pathologist. Many editions of Textbook of Pathology Harsh Mohan have been published and you will be able o download the latest edition of Harsh Mohan Textbook of Pathology pdf free. This book provides the up to date information regarding Pathology and this is also recommended to study for UG Exams.

When we talk about Pathology subject of medical then Robbin’s basic pathology, as well as Pathoma, comes to mind. These are the all books are studied in different universities and colleges of the world.

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Book Name Harsh Mohan Textbook of Pathology
Author Harsh Mohan
Edition 7th Edition
Language English
Format PDF
Series Pathology

The word “pathology” is derived from two Greek words: pathos (meaning suffering) and logos (study of meaning). Pathology is, therefore, the scientific study of changes in the structure and function of the body in disease. In other words, pathology consists of abnormalities in normal anatomy (including histology) and normal physiology due to disease. Another term commonly used with reference to the study of disease is “pathophysiology” (patho=suffering, physiology=study of normal function). Pathophysiology, therefore, includes the study of disordered function (ie, physiological changes) and degradation of homeostasis in disease (ie, biochemical changes). Pathologists contribute to the treatment of the patient by providing a final diagnosis of the disease. Therefore, knowledge and understanding of pathology is essential for all future physicians as well as general practitioners and specialists because unless they have the knowledge and understanding of the language in the form of pathology lab reports They could not institute the proper institutions. treatment or suggest preventive measures to the patient.

For the student of any medical system, the discipline of pathology constitutes a vital bridge between the initial phase of learning in the preclinical sciences and the final phase of clinical subjects. Sir William Osler (1849-1919), acclaimed physician and professor of medicine regarded as the ‘Father of Modern Medicine’ for his famous quote “Your practice of medicine Be as good as your understanding of pathology.


Topics of 7th edition:

This seventh edition of Textbook of Pathology by Harsh Mohan contains the give below topics in whol ebook.



Introduction to Pathology

Cell Injury, Cellular Adaptations, and Cellular Ageing

Immunopathology Including Amyloidosis

Derangements of Homeostasis and Haemodynamics

Inflammtion and Healing

Infectious and Parasitic Diseases


Environmental and Nutritional Diseases

Genetic and Paediatric Diseases


Introduction to Haematopoietic System and Disorders of Erythroid Series

Disorders of Platelets, Bleeding Disorders, and Basic Transfusion Medicine

Disorders of Leucocytes and Lymphoreticular Tissues


The Blood Vessels and Lymphatics

The Heart

The Respiratory System

The Eye, ENT, and Neck

The Oral Cavity and Salivary Glands

The Gastrointestinal Tract

The Liver, Biliary Tract, and Exocrine Pancreas

The Kidney and Lower Urinary Tract

The Male Reproductive System and Prostate

The Female Genital Tract

The Breast

The Skin

The Endocrine System

The Musculoskeletal System

Soft Tissue Tumours

The Nervous System


Answers to Clinical Cases

Normal Values

Further Reading



Recommended book:


Robbins Basic Pathology 10th


Common terms in pathology:

It is important for a beginner in pathology to be familiar with the language used in pathology (Fig.1.2):


common terms in pathology


  • The patient is the person affected by the disease.
  • Lesions are the characteristic changes in tissues and cells produced by disease in an experimental individual or animal.
  • Pathological or morphological changes consist of the examination of diseased tissues. These can be recognized with the naked eye (gross or gross changes) or studied by microscopic examination of the tissues.
  • The causal factors responsible for the lesions are included in the etiology of the disease (ie, the “why” of the disease).
  • The mechanism by which the lesions occur is called the pathogenesis of the disease (ie, “how” of the disease).
  • The functional implications of the injury felt by the patient are the symptoms and those discovered by the physician are the physical signs.
  • The clinical significance of the morphological and functional changes together with the results of other investigations help to arrive at an answer to what is wrong (diagnosis), what is going to happen (prognosis), what can be done about it (treatment), and finally what must be done to avoid complications and spread (prevention) (that is, “what” of the disease).


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