The Making of Mr. Grays's Anatomy in PDF format

The Making of Mr. Grays’s Anatomy in PDF format

The Making of Mr. Grays’s Anatomy Download Free PDF file. We always share free medical books for education purpose only. Today we are going to share one of the most famous book of Anatomy called The Making of Mr. Grays’s Anatomy with direct download link as well as you can check it online preview. Before we move on to sharing a free PDF download of Making of Mr. Gray Anatomy PDF with you, here are some key details about this book that may interest you.



When John Fawthrop, MRCS, bought his own copy of Gray Anatomy in 1860, he wrote it in large Ash letters with his name and new status, followed by a historical script. He had just qualified as a member of the Royal College of Surgeons a year ago, And the purchase was a true statement of success, and a cure. Once he was satisfied with the letter, Mr. Fautrop began photographing the plants around the inscription, with fern-like poles and small leafy leaves, delicately written with his pen Occupy the entire top of the page until it wraps up the text. Work must have taken him a good time. The address of the book he chose to write was a dedication page, so there was plenty of room for his plant roots.

Gray’s Anatomy is a phenomenon: a textbook which has been in
continuous publication ever since 1858. Its publishing history has never been
written, so the reasons for its uniqueness are neither properly understood nor
appreciated. I focus right down on the 1850s, the decade between the Great
Exhibition and the death of Prince Albert, to look at the first edition of Gray’s
Anatomy from gestation to reviews. The nub of the story concerns the small
constellation of individuals without whom there would have been no book.
Gray’s Anatomy inhabits a vital intersection between the histories of
medicine and publishing–and this is a study of Gray’s as a book: as an
intellectual, an artistic, and as a physical artefact. This book is about the
making of the book Fawthrop, and many thousands–possibly millions–of
medical students worldwide, have used on their way to becoming doctors and
surgeons, the book that founded an ongoing institution: Gray’s Anatomy.


The Making of Mr. Grays’s Anatomy in PDF format




Book Name The Making of Mr. Grays’s Anatomy
Author of Book Mr. Grays’s
Language English
Format  PDF File
Price PDF free 




Topics of this Edition:



list of illustrations x introduction 1

1. WORDS Mr Gray of Belgravia 5

2. IMAGES Dr Carter of Scarborough 35

3. ENTERPRISE J W Parker & Son of West Strand 60

4. IDEA Person or Persons Unknown 93

5. RAW MATERIAL The Friendless Poor of London 117

6. CREATION 1856–1857 140

7. PRODUCTION 1857–1858 168

8. PUBLICATION 1858 and on 201

9. CALAMITY 1860–1861 229

10. FUTURITY After 1861 255



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