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Toronto Notes 2021 37th Edition PDF free download (MCCQUE) – Google drive link

Now Toronto Notes 2021 37th Edition is available now in pdf file and you can download it free with the google drive link. Comprehensive Medical Reference and a Review for the Medical Council of Canada Qualifying Exam (MCCQUE) has released the 37th Edition of Toronto Notes 2021. Toronto Notes for medical students is a very famous series and a lot of students get benefits from this massive Medical Book


Now before we share with you the free Medical Notes PDF download of Toronto Notes 2021 by Megan Drupals & Matthaeus Ware, here are some important details regarding this book here is a description of it


Book Name Toronto Notes 2021
Author of Book Megan Drupals & Matthaeus Ware
Edition  37th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical Notes




Brief History of Toronto Notes:

Thirty-seven years ago, the Toronto Notes began as a humble initiative, with medical students at the University of Toronto collecting and circulating their notes. After nearly four decades-with annual editions and an expansive vision-Toronto Notes has become the most reliable medical review text. It is a resource loved by trainees and physicians in Canada and around the world.

Toronto Notice is a non-profit corporation for Medical Students Inc. whose mission is to provide a reliable medical resource to give back to our community. We are both proud and humbled to lead the Toronto Notes this year because we firmly believe in its mission. Not only have we seen the value of medical resources, but we have also seen the enormous impact of financial support for Toronto Notices Inc. for a number of important reasons. All proceeds from the sale of Toronto Notes are donated directly to UKT Medicine initiatives including (for example) class activities, medical conferences, student scholarships and anniversaries, to the Canadian Cancer Society. An annual musical fundraiser, and an outreach program led by our entire (over twenty-five) students who want to improve lives in the community.

That’s why we, and all the members of our U of T team, have devoted so many hours to this immense project. As our valued readers, we thank you for purchasing our textbook for your honest and significant financial contribution. Every book sold makes a significant difference.


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What is new in 2021 Edition:

Now let’s move to now what is new in Toronto Notes 2021 Edition a series for medical students by Megan Drupal & Matthaeus Ware (MCCQUE) – Free Medical Notes

The 2021 edition features substantial content revisions to the text, figures, and graphics of all 32 chapters, following a comprehensive review by our student and faculty editorial team. Up-to-date, evidence-based medicine studies are also summarized in highlighted boxes throughout the text. This year, one of our priorities was to focus our team’s editorial lens on cultural sensitivity and health equity, as we continue striving for an accurate representation of our vibrant and diverse communities. We especially thank all the members of our Content Review Committee, members of the Office of Indigenous Medical Education, and external contributors who helped us advance this ongoing effort.

Toronto Notes 2021 includes a new Palliative Medicine chapter that outlines essential information for this key speciality. Alongside our textbook-wide revisions, the Dermatology and Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery chapters have both received substantial expansions to increase their utility in practice. The Public Health and Preventive Medicine and the Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Medicine chapters have also been thoroughly revised and expanded for the 2021 edition with the support of the Content Review Committee.

We sincerely thank each of our 235 student editors and 104 faculty editors, whose meticulous revisions and shared dedication to the bettering of this text has helped make Toronto Notes 2021 possible. We have learned so much from leading this team, and are especially grateful to everyone for committing to Toronto Notes with time commitments and demands that have been altered by the COVID-19 pandemic. We thank our incredible Associate Editors—Sonieya Nagarajah, Amrit Sampalli, Vanessa Sheng, Ryan Wang, Wid Yaseen, and Kimberly Young— for their tireless leadership, exceptional organization, and wonderful teamwork. We, and the success of this edition, lean on their shoulders. We also thank our Clinical Handbook Editors—Kirusanthy Kaneshwaran, Amirpouyan Namavarian, and Healey Shulman—for their editorial leadership on this resource. We are grateful to our Production Managers—Yuliya Lytvyn and Maleeha A. Qazi—who make Toronto Notes’ operations reality with their daily work. We owe a great deal of gratitude to the Editors-in-Chief of the 2020 edition – Sara Mirali and Ayesh Seneviratne—for their continued guidance over the past two years. Lastly, we thank our longtime partners at Type & Graphics Inc—especially our backbone, Enrica Aguilera—for their years of support and excellent work producing Medical Toronto Notes 2021.



Medical toronto notes 2021




Topics of this Edition:

This book of Medical Free Notes for medical students contains the following topics

  • Preface – From the Editors 4
  • Acknowledgements ……. 5
  • Student Contributors …… 6
  • Faculty Contributors, the University of Toronto …….. 10
  • Table of Contents …….. 11
  • How to Use This Book .. . 12
  • Common Acronyms and Abbreviations Used in Medicine ……. . 13
  • Common Unit Conversions ……… . 15
  • Commonly Measured Laboratory Values …….. . 16
  • Ethical, Legal, and Organizational Medicine.ELOM1
  • Anaesthesia … .A1
  • Cardiology and Cardiac Surgery ….. .C1
  • Clinical Pharmacology .. .CP1
  • Dermatology. .D1
  • Emergency Medicine … .ER1
  • Endocrinology .E1
  • Family Medicine …… FM1
  • Gastroenterology ……. G1
  • General and Thoracic Surgery ….. GS1
  • Geriatric Medicine …..GM1
  • Gynaecology GY1
  • Haematology. .H1
  • Infectious Diseases ….. ID1
  • Medical Genetics …….MG1
  • Medical Imaging ……..MI1
  • Nephrology. NP1
  • Neurology .. N1
  • Neurosurgery ……… NS1
  • Obstetrics .. OB1
  • Ophthalmology ……. OP1
  • Orthopaedic Surgery .. OR1
  • Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery ……. OT1
  • Paediatrics … .P1
  • Palliative Medicine ….. PM1
  • Plastic Surgery ………PL1
  • Psychiatry … .PS1
  • Public Health and Preventive Medicine ……. PH1
  • Respirology .. .R1
  • Rheumatology …….. RH1
  • Urology ….. U1
  • Vascular Surgery ……. VS1


PreTest Pharmacology
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The (Free Medical Notes) 2021 edition updates the content in the main text, statistics, graphics, and evidence-based medicine sections that meet current MCCQE objectives. All historical trials have been included to show the current evidence in all medical features. Dividing Toronto Notes into three textbooks – Medicine, Surgery, and Primary Medicine – enhances the reading ability and reduces the study load on the Canadian and American Medical Licensing exams. We’ve redesigned our website so that textbook layouts can be more closely reflected and the learning experience can be further enhanced.


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