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What is FastHelp Medical Alert Device and Its Beniftis

In this article, we shall learn What is FastHelp Medical Alert device is and its pros and cons. Today’s if we talk about medical alerts devices, adults have more choices than they did twenty years ago. If you are looking for a low-cost nonprofit service, Fast Help may be the medical alert system for you. However, you will miss some important features that may be useful in an emergency. Here’s what you need to know.


What is FastHelp

Fast Help is a medical alert device that allows the wearer to dial 9-1-1 with the push of a red button. Once the button is pressed, it dials 9-1-1 directly from the wearer. The Fast Help wearer can then communicate with the 9-1-1 operator through the device.

Although the Fast Help Medical Alert Device 9-1-1 relies on wearers to communicate with the operator, the device has a GPS system that can narrow the space. This can be helpful if the wearer is unconscious or uncertain about where he or she is located.

Fast Help Medical Alert Devices are a one-time purchase. This means that there is no activation fee or ongoing monthly service fee.


Benefits of FastHelp Device

There are definitely benefits to going with Fast Help, such as Lean and Medium Device. First of all, it costs less to invest in front. For less than $ 200, Fast Help Medical Alerts are purchased within a fixed budget. Also, after the initial purchase at no cost, it is not surprising why older adults may choose to go with Fast Help. There are no necessary agreements.

Beyond the cost, there are other positive aspects of the Fast Help Medical Alert device. The device itself is very easy to operate. With just two buttons (Emergency Call Button and Battery Test Button), users can quickly find the button they need and move it without any effort. The device itself is also waterproof and comes with both a bead and a belt clip so users have multiple ways to wear it.

The device has a GPS triangulation feature to help reduce location when the emergency button is pushed.

Compatible cellular coverage works anywhere, not just indoors. This is especially appealing to dynamic seniors who travel in the yard, in their car, or on a work trip or for leisure.


fasthelp device with charger



How to get the device

You can buy it in developed countries in the market, due to covid you can buy it on a different website. If you want to buy it on amazon you can buy here




While in some cases a fast help system may be a good decision, there are several drawbacks to choosing this tool. The first major concern is that Fast Help does not connect users to the Office of Professional Supervision. Although it calls 9-1-1 from the user, the service ends there.

When adults choose to go with a medical alert device that includes a professionally monitored feature, they can be assured that when they reach these operators, the operators will be informed about them. I will have instant access to more information. This knowledge can be especially helpful if the user is confused or if they are living in a medically complex condition that emergency responders should be aware of. In addition, professionally monitored systems are also able to contact the wearer’s family so that the family can find out about the incident and if their loved one is taken to the hospital.

In addition to not having a professionally monitored feature, FastHelp has no way to help 9-1-1 operators find the wearer. Although the GPS feature in Fast Help can reduce this space, the 9-1-1 operator relies on more information from the wearer. If the wearer is unconscious, in distress or confused, they will not be able to provide the exact location so that the operator can send appropriate personnel.

Fast Help doesn’t have any kind of automatic fall detection technology, so it doesn’t have the ability to call for help if it senses a fall. The success of the device depends entirely on the wearer at the time of the incident and their ability to communicate with the 9-1-1 operator.

Finally, Fast Help does not have any of the care alert features. This means that wearers cannot engage in their daily activities through smart apps or communicate in the event of an emergency.



Although FastHelp offers seniors the opportunity to access a medical alert device with a one-time investment, it does not come without risks and drawbacks. However, with seniors who may be looking for some extra security when they are leaving or low-income older adults who cannot afford a monthly payment, Fastelp may be a worthwhile choice.

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