Medtronic Hugo Robotic Surgery System

What is Medtronic Hugo Robotic Surgery System – How to Work

Hugo Robotic Surgery System is an advanced surgical tool which is developed by Medtronic and its name is suggested as Medtronic Hugo Robotic Surgery System or Robotic-Assisted Surgery System. According to Medtronic, “Our vision for surgical robotics, expanding access to quality care to as many people as possible, is coming alive at UC CHRISTUS” said Carla Perron, MD, Medical Director of the Surgical Robotics business. Portfolio. In Medtronic. “It’s incredibly interesting to see our teams working together to get surgical robotics where it didn’t exist before, it’s all for the benefit of patients.”

In Latin America, about 75% of surgeries are performed as open procedures. 1 With minimally invasive surgery, those patients may experience fewer complications, shorter hospital stays faster return to normal activities and smaller scars.

What is Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS):

Robotic-Assisted Surgery (RAS) has been identified as an emerging medical technology with the potential to standardize surgical procedures and enable minimally invasive surgery (MIS). MIS can improve patient outcomes, and reduce health system costs. RAS technology provides surgeons with enhanced capabilities and access to more common surgical procedures, greater accuracy and precision in spinal surgery.


Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS)
Robotic-assisted surgery (RAS) (Credit: medtronic)


The clinical benefits of RAS, therefore, depend on the surgical application of the technology. For example, applied in general surgery, the benefits of RAS-enabled MIS include smaller incisions, reduced anaemia, reduced hospital stay, and lower incidence of some surgical complications, such as open surgery. I. In highly sophisticated spinal procedures, RAS improves screw placement accuracy.

As hospital performance and patient outcomes improve, RAS is poised for adoption. However, like any new medical technology, factors such as initial and per-procedure costs and surgeon training can affect the speed at which RAS can be applied and the benefits can be reaped.

Therefore, a comprehensive RAS solution combines potentially advanced medical technology with a flexible model that is used in many disease states, excellent class medical and training support, and technological advances and the evolving needs of hospitals. Ability to expand based. Collectively, these four components can help the hospital system get the most out of their long-term investment.

Credit: medtronic


About Robotic surgery:

Robotic surgery is a form of minimally invasive surgery that offers surgeons better manners, more expertise, and ergonomic benefits, yet robots are used in less than 3% of surgeries worldwide. Surgical robotics is out of reach of many hospitals-a modular, multi-quadrant platform designed for a wide range of soft tissue procedures.

The Hugo RAS system combines the accuracy of wrist devices with the flexibility of independent robotic arm vehicles and state-of-the-art 3D visualization technology on open consoles. Touch Surgery ™ Enterprise, a cloud-based surgical video capture option powered by artificial intelligence, allows surgeons to seamlessly record, analyze and share Hugo system case footage.

“I am proud to be the first to perform robotic surgery for UC crusts,” said Ignacio San Francisco, a urological surgeon and at least invasive Euro MM. Oncology Surgery “With Hugo RSS, we are entering surgery with the help of robotics, it is better that we look at our quality of health.”


Medtronic Hugo Robotic Surgery System view


Medtronic has opened a new Surgical Robotics Experience Center in Santiago to support its commitment to increasing access to quality care. It is the first company in Latin America and one of the 10 world-class facilities in the world where doctors can experience and train the HugoRAS system. The Santiago Surgical Robotics Experience Center works in collaboration with the Pontificia Universidade School of Medicine, which is affiliated with UCCHRIST.


How to Work:

It is stated by an official of the company that they are confident that our new robotic surgery program is ready for success and will provide our patients with high-quality healthcare services, thanks to the innovative capabilities of the Hugo RAS system, which we have received from our partners at Medtronic. “As an educational institution, we serve as an important destination for world-class surgical robotics training for physicians throughout the region Proud to do. “

First Procedure in the World with Medtronic Hugo™ Robotic-Assisted Surgery System Performed at Clínica Santa Maria in Chile.

Stemgenics Differential Target Multiplex Spinal Stimulation System using Medtronic’s Intelis platform was acquired last year. In January, the company announced the results of a large, multi-centre, randomized controlled trial of three months. Statistics show that 80% of patients have back pain with at least 50% relief, while 51% of patients are treated with conventional spinal stimulation.

Press release:

Dublin, June 22, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Medtronic plc (NYSE: MDT), world leader in medical technology, Today Hugo announced the patient’s first procedure with the Robotic Assisted Surgery (RAS) system. Robotics On June 19, Robin Olivers, MD, performed a prostatectomy at the Santa Maria Clinic.
Santiago, come on.


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