Wheater's Functional Histology

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Wheater’s Functional Histology is a medical book written by Barbara Young, Geraldine O’Dowd, and Phillip Woodford. This text and atlas are designed to be accessible to the absolute beginner, and with that in mind, we have provided appendices in the back that describe the basics of microscopy and histological staining techniques, as well as a basic glossary. In addition to updating the text where necessary, we have extensively improved and enlarged the micrographs. Many of the students using this text and atlas will be associated with medicine, and accordingly, we have increased the clinical correlations in this edition, hoping to make the seemingly arcane histological details easier to remember. We’ve also added a short review section at the end of each chapter, handy for last-minute exam prep!

According to the author: Electron microscopy is a relatively new technique, a myth has arisen among many students that light and electron microscopy are polar opposites. We have tried to show that electron microscopy is simply an extension of light microscopy. To demonstrate this continuity, we have included resin-embedded thin sections imaged around the resolution limit of the light microscope; this technique is being applied more and more in routine histological and histopathological practice. Where less conventional techniques have been adopted, their justification has been outlined in the appropriate place rather than in a formal chapter devoted to techniques.



Book Name Wheater’s Functional Histology
Author of Book Barbara Young, Geraldine O’Dowd and Phillip Woodford
Edition 6th
Language English
Format PDF
Category Medical Books


Key features

  • Learn about the microscopic structure of normal human tissues and how it relates to function with the help of over 900 high-quality histology images and illustrations.
  • Master how to apply histology in a clinical context through coverage of common clinical conditions in each chapter.
  • Access all online content on Student Consult, including all images, a virtual histolab, and USMLE-style self-assessment questions and fundamentals.
  • Gain a rich understanding of histology through simple, concise text and captions that are fully updated with the latest research and new discoveries.


Topics of this Edition

  • I The Cell
  • II Basic Tissue Types
  • III Organ Systems
  • Appendix 1 Introduction to microscopy
  • Appendix 2 Notes on staining techniques
  • Appendix 3 Glossary of terms


Histology is the study of normal cells and tissues, primarily using microscopes. This book describes the histology of normal human tissues, although much of the material applies to other mammals and, indeed, to non-mammals. Structure and function are interdependent. The histological structure determines and is determined by the functions of different organs and tissues; the study of one has enriched the understanding and study of the other. When diseases such as cancer or inflammation affect a tissue, specific changes often occur in the microscopic structure of the tissue. The microscopic study of these changes is known as histopathology, anatomical pathology, or sometimes simply pathology. Obviously, a good understanding of normal structure is essential to understanding pathology.



Wheater's Functional Histology



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